Ceiling Fans
Perhaps you've seen one in a tavern or bar slowly turning as it recirculates the air moving large paddles in a mesmerizing fashion. 

Our paddle fans come complete with shafts, bearings, paddles, motor, belts, mounting hardware and they are especially appropriate to compliment our non-structural timber trusses. 

Each fan we sell is custom made for a specific installation. The price includes the motor unit,  the fans and hubs, bearings, couplers, pulleys, blade holders, and crating.  Shipping costs dependent on location.  Several fan blade options available. Scroll to bottom of page to see blade options.

Ceiling fan blades and pulley
paddle fan, timber truss
Horizontal paddle fan
21' long with 4 sets of paddles, approximately 54" in diameter. Price: approximately $4600.

Prices vary depending on size, number of paddle sets and blade selection.
Natural Palm Leaf Paddle Fan
This unit shown with natural palm leaf blades. (This blade not recommended for damp areas.)

Paddle fans longer than 9' require mid-span supports such as timber truss.
Choose a fan blade style.....
Contact us with questions or to order. Please provide room length, number of paddle sets and blade selection. Lead time varies but is usually 8-12 weeks.

email: [email protected]
phone: 719.689.3035

Quality since 1978
Florissant, Colorado
carved wooden blades on horizontal ceiling fan
Horizontal ceiling fan motor unit
And this fan went to College in Minnesota. This unit shown with wood leaf blades. 

Motor unit is exposed for a more industrial look.

long ceiling fan with bamboo blades
Vertical ceiling fans for timber trusses
ceiling fan for lobbies, restaurants, bars, commercial spaces
This unit is shown with composite woven dark blades and is approximately 40' long
vertical ceiling fan with horizontal shaft
This unit is approximately 30' long in the entry of a municipal airport building in Florida
This unit has custom burlap covered fan blades with rope edges

A few notes about these type of fans:
They are known as vertical ceiling fans mounted to a horizontal axle usually powered by a single belt driven motor. Some call them horizontal paddle fans, others say mechanical ceiling fans or long ceiling fans. 

Shaft-driven ceiling fans, also known as belt-driven or vertical ceiling fans, have multiple sets of blades on a horizontal shaft that is powered by a single motor. The number of blade sets is customizable, which makes the system very suitable for long rectangular areas. They are frequently used in cathedral ceiling areas, lobbies, bars and restaurants.

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This fan went to a lodge in Canada. We created custom wood blades in the shape of the Canadian Maple Leaf.

What shape would you like?
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paddle fan system
This fan unit was built for a lake cabin in Minnesota. The blades are a "canoe paddle" theme using Maple, Cherry and Walnut woods. We can create just about any custom blade you can imagine.
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