Entry Doors
Every home needs an entry door...why not make yours special. We can provide doors that are carved, have stained or leaded glass, are distressed, personalized, showcase where you live, depict your favorite scene or anything you can dream of. 

Our doors can be pre-hung and shipped anywhere. Prices generally start at $3,500 and go up.  Click on a picture for a larger view.

Custom carved door with stained glass. At night the light from inside is visible as a warm glow on the outside. Click next for the view from inside.
This is one of our latest creations.  The colored glass is sandwiched between carved wood.  This is the view from the inside.
Cherry double door with stained and leaded glass.
Aspen leaves and branches follow a theme throughout this house - leaded art glass, wire brushed and distressed finish on thick 2 1/4" knotty pine doors.
Distressed and gouged solid cherry double entry doors with stained glass transom
Solid cherry double entry doors with stained and leaded glass transom.
Knotty pine door with clear glass sandwiched between 2 carved panels
Knotty pine door with carved mountain scene panels inside and outside
Knotty pine distressed double entry doors
Reproduction antique double doors with 3 panel transom. Custom carvings.
Close up of custom reproduction carved and distressed double doors.
Customized entry door with basketweave, flowers and gold painted  lettering. Carvings inside and outside.
Carved door with sugar maple and mountain scene
Carved entry door with wild rose motif and curved glass insert
Southwest style entry door with sidelights, stained and leaded glass and whitewash stain.
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Florissant, Colorado