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      his may look like normal jukebox - albeit a beautifully hand-crafted one - but what you don’t see right away is equally fascinating. 
     Tucked into the bottom of the piece is a computer that controls up to 30 separate CD changers of 100 discs each. The jukebox itself holds up to a 100 discs; additional CD changers can be stored in a closet and activated electronically by the computer. The computer can control a home’s entire audio/video system by remote control.
    Called the Classic Disk Jockey, this cherry wood jukebox measures about 65 inches by 48 inches. When the unit is turned on, the center doors open so you can select songs. Curtains at the top of the
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Jukebox also open, revealing a replica of a 1950’s radio studio complete with a disc jockey. Each time the CD changes, the figure spins around to drop the record he’s holding onto the turntable. Lights behind the leaded glass blink in time with the music.
     Each jukebox is entirely handmade; the lions engraved on the sides take over a month to carve. Custom orders are welcome. For instance, the disc jockey can be made to look like the purchaser.
     The jukebox with a computer system costs about $25,000. Personal delivery, set up, and programming are offered nationwide. Rates vary, depending on your location. 

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